How to erase facebook account forever

What is most disappointing to me is that FB is no longer the same product I signed up for.I originally came on this site to find out how to delete a windows live account.Getting hacked online has to be one of the most stressful things that can happen to a person.Facebook thinks they can: two of the blocked links were to articles mildly critical of Facebook, and the other was to an article about the oil well disaster in the Gulf.My guess is your out of luck. facebook does NOT want you to delete your account because they will lose all your juicy personal data and connections.

Oh, I think I was successful in wiping all my friends off, etc. and then deactivated.They actually responded and re-enabled the account, within 2 days.

I simply googled how do I permanently delete my facebook account and I got a wikihow which I printed out and followed the directions.If so, would I be able to log in only to my Page after my personal account has been deleted.According to Facebook, once your account permanently deletes, there is no way to restore your account or your data.

Click the blue Delete My Account button in the bottom-right corner of the warning window, enter your Facebook password and fill out the CAPTCHA test with the appropriate text prior to clicking the blue Okay button in the bottom-right corner.However, I believe it is simply a ruse used by Facebook to get me to sign up again.For instance you could just put up a bunch of porn photos and copyrighted material, and wait for them to delete your stuff.Trying to control the Baby Boomers, once they realize the control, while the younger generation seems to care less at this point.

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Like you said, using any part of Facebook at all during the 14 period will void the deletion.

How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently 2017

I am just curious does FB stores user data somewhere else so even I have deleted all stuff they own some kind of copies.Facebook is used for spying purposes, career exploitation, and to devour all constitutional rights.

Is there anything I can do to have them deactivate my account.I f-ing hate fake book and I just want it to be freakin gone.Are they going to send me an e-mail or do I have to try and log in to find out.

I submitted this request sometime back, but accidentally logged into FB only to realize that the 14 day period which was to get over on May 30th had moved ahead to June 4th.Yahoo Mail App for Windows 10 Will Stop Working Next Week May 16, 2017.

Upon checking today there it was, my email and password ready to go.Log into Facebook to start sharing and connecting with your. and people you know.They give your information to companys and to the government.It helps me find new websites but allows me to stay anonymous and only interact when I want to.Before I completely read through your article I passed on your page link to friend and family along with why I am sharing this with them.Personally, I feel Facebook has crossed the line of unethical behavior on this.Afterward, click the green Download Archive, re-enter your Facebook password, select a save location for the resulting folder and click the Save button in the bottom-right corner of the window.I had to read two to three articles before I found a link to permanently delete my account and this is the one of those articles i consulted.

How do I delete an old account? No longer have the email

I am so pissed off to see the FB plugin everytime I go to other websites.In changing your name, go to some worthless name or pick some criminal or nut case, like the Unabomber, Osama bin Laden, or Charlie Sheen.

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