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You can either run through the game quickly or do these map areas.We intend to keep adding to this site periodically, so bookmark and return for more information.A plain store south and east of the Inn has items for sale and to buy.This is the second set of Ankheg armor available in the game and is excellent armor for anyone who is weak, such as Branwein, a cleric who you will find at the Nashkell Fair.When I took the chicken back to high hedge, the mage there killed him.Be sure to return the pelt to Naskell Store for a good reward.You can return to Thalantyr with Melicamp, his ex-apprentice who has metamorphed to a talking chicken.If you go inside the Hall of Wonders, map 0130, at night, you will meet Alora, a thief.

If you dismiss NPCs in a dangerous area they will be lost forever.Speaking to Gorion starts the cut scene that takes you out of Candlekeep never to return.Speak to Reevor the dwarf who is standing just outside the warehouse in the east side of Candlekeep.The final level is the caverns area which you enter in the center top (north central) and leave in the lower left or southwest.Rinnie wants a copy of the History of the Unicorn Run, he will pay gold and 900 experience points.

In the southern part of the level is the way down to level 4 at 2695x2850.If you kill Nexlit quickly enough, he does not have time to summon the bear and you miss out on 650 experience points, bummer.Nib warned us that the artifact was evil and asked us to leave so he could bury it there.So I reload, and head to the Friendly Arm Inn to pile my NPCs together and figure this out.Neira another bounty hunter is awaiting you inside the Nashell Inn just to the south and east of the bridge into town from the north.

The mages are Denak, Diana, Lasala, and Brendan.Talk with them but you will have to kill them.After that we let Safana go, which is good, because she complained constantly about new leadership.Rules Windspear wants you to go to the Lil Caster School Ruins SE of town and retrieve an item for him.Near the center of the level you will find Sendai, Delgod and Alexander who will insult you repeatedly trying to get you to fight.

You enter this area also in the southeast or lower right into a large room surrounded by six smaller room and work your way to the exit in the northeast or upper left along a short corridor with another six rooms off of it.Now my game will look good, no matter what my party choices are.Also: Had an audio glitch in there, fortunately just while looting an empty room.On his body is an invitation to the coronation of Grand Duke Sarevok.Coran will leave your group within 10 days if you do not kill any wyverns and take their heads.Hunt down the cleric Bassilus and return with the holy sign of Cyric to Song of the Morning Temple for a 5000 gold reward.He shredded my main guy pretty bad, at which point Coran took over, then Minsc, then Yeslick.You need to talk to Emerson in the mine area in the northwest corner of the level to gain access to the mines.

You will be rewarded with experience and your reputation will go up by a point.The Blushing Mermaid Inn (north east): Larze approaches you when you enter claiming he is an assassin who must kill you.

You will have to steal the antidote from Yago who is on the third level of the Low Lantern boat in the south central area, map 1200.If you threaten Thaldorn on level three of the Iron Throne he will tell you that Bruno and Rietar have gone to Candlekeep.Nieman, Oulam, Wheber, and William, are Zhentarim agents who will attack the party if they do not have Xzar or Montaron as members of the group.

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If you return to the tower with the nymph, the nyph will appear and talk to Ramazith.I line him up in Beregost, next to Jaheira, Khalid, and Ajantis (and Xzar, still hanging out a block away) and dump him: he says that he is eager to hunt the bandits and for me to stop dilly-dallying.Lots of kobalds on the ground level of the school use bows to take you down.Take Eltan to the harbormaster and the harbormaster will take care of him.

Euric is found on the first floor in a building in the southeast map area, map 1300.Call the male mage a moron and he will attack you allowing you to save the female wizard.Say that they are the only profitable venture on the sword coast.If you side with Seniyad, you receive safe passage through cloakwood and 2000 experience points.Get potion from priest in priest bunks in the south (lower) part of Candlekeep.Xvart Village 2 hours west of Naskell and Just north east of the Gnoll Fortress, map 4700.

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