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This article was originally published describing how to connect Windows XP systems to Macintosh networks.

Is there a way to access the folders on the VM host from the MAC.Launched last month, the Chrome Remote Desktop extension lets you connect to and control one.Open Finder from your desktop and select the folder you want access to.

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With tablet in your hand, you can practically work anywhere you want.Select the files that you want to access from your Mac computer.

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This guide will take you through the file sharing configuration process on both your Mac and your PC.

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With Parallels Access you can easily access your Virtual Machine and work with your applications as if they are installed on your iPad.

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It is possible to access the files on your Mac OS X Lion system from Windows using SMB shares.

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Recently in the README File, we learned how to share Windows 10 files with Mac OS Yosemite as a local network alternative to sharing files in the cloud.Connect to a Mac from a Windows computer Connect to a Mac from a Windows computer Turn on file sharing on your Mac and set it up to share files with Windows users.

This software lets you access a virtual Windows or Mac desktop, and lets you run apps on your remote machine.If you have a network environment with both Windows and Mac OS X, there will be times you need to connect to the Mac from Windows.

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Here are 5 free methods that can be used to remotely access Apple computers and gain control of Mac OS X from a Windows computer. - Page 2.Your Macintosh (Mac) computer has the ability to access other computers, regardless if the other computers are Macs or have.Hi GuysNeed some help, i recently damaged my Apple Mac mainboard, the HDD is working,i need to read and copy the files from the Mac hdd onto my windows based PC.Yes while the Virtual machine is running one can mount a shared folder from the Windows Guest, just.

Remotely connecting to a Mac mini is simple from any Mac with a broadband internet connection.If you turn on file sharing on your Mac, people using Windows computers can connect to your computer.There will undoubtedly be times when you are away from your Mac but need to access a file or two on it.MacDrive 10 Pro gives you the power of Mac RAID on your Windows PC.Your Macintosh (Mac) computer has the ability to access other computers, regardless if the other computers are Macs or have Windows operating systems.You can also select the files you want to access using Finder.

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Have ready the name and password for the user account you are using on your Mac for Windows sharing.I have been using VNC client Please help or suggest some alternative Thanks.This guide is written using Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Windows.

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I have been able to access my Mac files within the Parallels window in which I have instralled Windows XP.Community Dashboard Random Article About Us Categories Recent Changes.To enable File Sharing on your Mac, open the Sharing pane of System Preferences and select the option for File Sharing.This will allow you to return to your personal Mac and access the files and folders you gave yourself privileges for.

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With the Microsoft Remote Desktop app, you can connect to a remote PC and your work resources from almost anywhere.

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Here are 5 free methods that can be used to remotely access Apple computers and gain control of Mac OS X from a Windows computer.After the Windows workgroup folder is displayed, you can access all the files in that folder from your Mac.

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If you want to do a Windows share from Mac OS X you need to know a few pieces of information first.How to install the Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac and connect to a Windows 7 computer which has enabled Remote Desktop Connections.If this is the case, you will need to obtain the IP addresses from the Windows network administrator.

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