It’s Now All About Computing Business Profitability

Everyone would like to work from home. But traditionally it’s a lot of inventory shipped to your home, most of which you don’t need, and then they put you on “auto-reorder” every month so that you keep “qualified”. And then it’s hound your friends, who will soon no longer be your friends, and bring them to the “hotel meetings”. This is where up to 500 people congregate to “learn all about it”. Then it’s the speeches and testimonials and the products and finally the “tipping point” that make the products so “valid” in today’s world. Sound familiar? Well I hated it. I wanted the independence of a home based business, but as I soon discovered it was anything but “home based”, as I found myself delivering products to peoples homes, not to mention the living room gatherings…ugh.

So, what’s the alternative? In today’s world, especially in the last few years it’s all about web site management and marketing. That’s right, now with the internet you never have to hound your friends again. You get a domain site, and learn how to “drive traffic” to the site. Get involved with a company that does all of the selling and telling for you. That’s right today it’s all on videos and audio downloads that are all at your fingertips, not at the hotel.

Is there a learning curve? Sure, especially for the not so computer literate, like me. But if I can do it so can you. It’s all about computing business profitability. Getting the public to view your domain, which then gets them to view your business opportunity. Once there the seminars that you used to take people to the hotel for are all online and they are now called “webinars”. You can view them live online and get some serious gifts just for viewing. Or you can watch a pre-recorded one which also answers most of your questions and answers. With the live one of course you can ask your own questions directly to the president of the company.