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It shares the same discrete, hockey-puck-style design as the Roku 3, too, complete with a built-in Ethernet port for faster Internet access.Netflix is building up star-power to match theatrical releases.

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Western Digital released last week their new WD TV Live Plus media streamer, with added Netflix support.

You can stream some Netflix movies and TV at the 4K standard.The prices of 4KTVs have steadily dropped over the last few years, and most signs point toward it becoming the standard resolution in most future purchases, the way 1080p is the norm now.

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The Roku name has become the standard in streaming media, so outside of iTunes — which Apple blocks off from everyone — Roku boxes come with more or less every app you could possibly want, from the mainstream to the hyper niche to the user-created.As a media streamer works primarily as streaming app, it provides more.

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Thankfully, you can pair the Shield with other Bluetooth remotes as needed.Besides that, the Roku 4 tacks a new remote finder button onto the box itself, which you can tap to set off an alarm on the remote itself, just in case you lose it between the couch cushions.

Even in its default state, the Roku 2 is still the best mix of affordability, performance, and features on the media-streamer market.

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One Canadian Netflix user tells WIRED he uses a VPN to watch Netflix.Access your favorite video and audio wherever you can connect to the Internet.

Essentially, the Shield tries to find a balance between a super-powerful set-top box and a lightweight gaming console.I tried this at the recommendation of the local Linux User Group.Find netflix from a vast selection of Internet and Media Streamers.If you have a CableCARD tuner, you can hook it up here and stream live TV.When it comes to streaming, most people think of Netflix. Amazon has evidently taken notes from the Netflix school of media streaming interface design.If you can get by with just the most popular streaming services, a game console like the Xbox One doubles as a halfway-decent set-top box.Amazon provides deeper parental controls than its competitors, too.

If you do want them, though, you can always buy an updated remote on your own time.Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

By Digital Trends Staff. but after realizing that physical media was dying off,.You can use it like a Chromecast and beam missing apps to it from your smartphone or tablet, but again, native support is always better.You can stream Netflix to more than 50 devices, including game consoles and HDTVs.It puts less obstacles between you and the apps you want to access.

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