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I have both this app and paypal but when I try to add my card or paypal it takes me to the browser to re enter my details and sign in to do it through there.

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Whenever I open the Playstation app or the Playstation messenger app it ask me.The app launched on both consoles in preview for paying Plex Pass.

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The best and most popular PS3 themes, PS4 themes, PS3 wallpaper and PS4 wallpaper, for your console will change the look of your XMB.

Accessing and navigating PS Store is super slow and cumbersome, and having to sort through old console stuff and PSP and Vita crap is super annoying.After some Reasearch Into Getting A New Mobile Phone I Uncover What Is a Scam That Involves The Big Names In Mobile Phone Contracts Involving Free Gifts.I want to use my Samsung galaxy S5 as a second screen and use the Playstation app but every time and I mean every time I go to add my device to second screen, I get a white screen on my phone without a loading sign.Why the F does Sony make it so difficult to know when your PS Plus membership expires.Trying to purchase a game from this app is like hoping that aliens come to earth and they crown me as their king.

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So I had deleted this app a while ago only because I needed some space on my phone.It wasing giving me this issue before please fix this issue if you would like me to change review to full stars.

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Get your hands on a Sony PS4 1TB, free with your mobile deal.

Sony have really done a number on us users with the ps4, is so locked down and restrictive it makes me want to chuck it out of a moving car.Still useful to see friends who r online Full Review Joshua Partijo December 16, 2016 The worst UX What a disaster of an app.Full Review Dan Doan January 26, 2017 PlayStation App, PlayStation Messages, PlayStation Communities, and PS4 Remote Play should be consolidated into one app.

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It will just freeze after a couple pages and I have to close it and open it.No sign in page, no box to put in a password or email, just a blank white page.

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You would think being a popular app and store the glitches would get fixed.Download free ps4 games (page 2) - WinX DVD Ripper Platinum 7.5.19: Rip DVD with this versatile DVD ripping software, and much more programs.Also the sane problem with the playstation store It takes forever to load too.Full Review Richard Legarda June 2, 2017 My app to a nose dive a week ago.If my PS4 was on the odds were. the free tool of the most advanced.

I know xbox lets has an app that lets you see your own videos that you recorded.If an error occurs when you try to sign in, update Android System WebView from the URL below, and then try signing in again.

Full Review harmeet gill April 13, 2017 Is this an app for Sony playstation developed by Sony or just some time pass app developed by a toddler.

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Download free ps4 games for windows 8 - Grand Theft Auto V: One of the best games ever, and much more programs.

Full Review Ben Nowak December 11, 2016 Slow and buggy especially in store I would have given this app way more stars, if it did what it is supposed to do without hanging or crashing regularly.This company makes way to much money to have such a half assed app.I should be able to check the status of my game downloads from this thing.

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Best thing I had to extend my PS experience, easily manage friend requests, see what others were up to.

It will NEVER let me in regardless of how many times I type the correct words.It would start loading a page to loging but the stop, leaving it on a blank white page.Fix this up ASAP. even change password thing is not working.

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Whenever I open the Playstation app or the Playstation messenger app it ask me to sign into the Playstation network.The design is cluttered and confusing, do I got to profile, account or settings to see my details, payment etc.You could get a free PS4 when you become a product tester with Product Tester USA.And we will continue our love and keep our choice of console.This means you can plug your phone into the PS4 and copy the videos just like it was a flash drive.

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In this video we teach you how you can play PS4 games on your Samsung, HTC LG, Nexus or any other.Although, I have had an issue with with using the second screen function, as it says that it has taken too long to connect (or something along those lines.) I appreciate that the people at Playstation even went through the trouble to attempt this as it will only get better in time.

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GTA 5 cheats for PS4 including codes for invincibility, weapons, fast run and explosive ammo cheats can be activated and used in two different ways.RIDICULOUSLY. SLOW. Yikes. I spent so long going back and forth to set new add-ons to download that I lost interest.

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