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Net neutrality is the principle that Internet service providers and governments.And it looks like the FCC has clearly recognized that there are some constraints with wireless networks and they do need to be treated differently.

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REARDON: Well, what the FCC has said in these rules is that wireless is going to be treated differently than our fixed broadband connection at home.

Net neutrality is the foundation of the freedom that we enjoy on the Web.

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Net Neutrality, The Opposition and How It Could Affect the

This practice could potentially hamper growth, strengthen illegal monopolies, and cost the consumer.When we get on the Web, we are able to access the entire Web: that means any website, any video, any download, any email.

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Communication: Net neutrality has given us the ability to freely communicate with people on a personal basis: government leaders, business owners, celebrities, work colleagues, medical personnel, family, etc., without restrictions.

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As the issues surrounding net neutrality grow more complicated. 2 Net Neutrality Rules That Could Affect Your Mobile CRM Solution. Affect.And if they want to have a service that is higher quality, potentially uses more bandwidth, maybe Verizon, for example, could offer them a dedicated service to provide that to their consumers.

So for the consumer, what that means is, you know, in the rules, they have actually applied some of the net neutrality rules to wireless, but not all of them.

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What would happen if Net Neutrality were to be restricted or abolished.How will the new net neutrality rules affect me as a consumer.

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Ms. MARGUERITE REARDON (Reporter, Thanks for having me.This could result in restrictions on what Web users are able to search for, download, or read.

Ms., audio, all kinds of rich media that we, as consumers, are downloading and using.

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Losing that freedom could result in consequences such as restricted access to websites and diminished download rights, as well as controlled creativity and corporate-governed services.A reporter, Marguerite Reardon, is here to help us answer that question.NPR transcripts are created on a rush deadline by Verb8tm, Inc., an NPR contractor, and produced using a proprietary transcription process developed with NPR.SIEGEL: Well, Maggie Reardon, thanks for talking with us about that today.Now that these rules are in place, it will protect Verizon or Comcast from potentially trying to slow down Netflix traffic because they want you to be watching their own television service.Posted May 19,. the Open Internet Order came into effect in mid-2015,.

One day after the FCC adopted new Net neutrality rules, consumers are left scratching their heads about what it means for.

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Fill in the rest of the form as you would normally fill in an internet form.Growth: Net neutrality is the reason that the Web has grown at such a phenomenal rate from the time it was created in 1991 by Sir Tim Berners-Lee (see also History of the World Wide Web ).

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And that puts a lot of strain on these carrier networks and somebody has to pay for it.

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But then on the other side, you have the wireless service providers who say that the network is very different from a fixed network, and therefore, it needs to be treated differently.With net neutrality protections, everything must be sorted and delivered in equal.

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Skip to main content. is a project of Free Press and the Free.This video is about Net neutrality, it explains what net neutrality is and how it affect us and how You tube,.If Net Neutrality rules are removed, everyone that uses the internet will lose these freedoms.Net Neutrality, The Opposition and How It Could Affect the Internet.Vimeo has a great video on this very topic that explains how limiting access to the internet can impact everyone in the world.

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We use the Web to communicate with others, go to school, do our jobs, and connect with people all over the world.

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