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How to set up your iPhone as a Wi-Fi mobile hotspot (iOS

Any comments will help im not big on all tech stuff so forgive me in advance if I dont understand xxxxx thanks.You can root it, install xposed, install Root Cloak for your work related apps.

When I turning on my WiFi my mobile tethering hotspot

After turning on Foxfi, turning on verizon hotspot is not working anymore.When it calls the hotspot Verizon comes up and says that I need to subscribe.

Motorola :: Foxfi working correctly on unrooted Bionics

With Connectify Hotspot you can easily turn your Windows 10 PC into a Wi-Fi hotspot and share any Internet connection with computers, mobile devices, and friends.

Using Android 4.1.2 Phone as WiFi Hotspot - Google

Most importantly it does not require the extra tether plan (mobile hotspot plan.I use that for my Galaxy S4 on Verizon instead of using their Mobile hotspot app. and to avoid paying.

How To Enable WiFi Tethering On Sprint Galaxy Note 4, Note

The best way to stay connected to the Android pulse. This is how you setup a mobile hotspot on your Android phone.

VPN Issues while WiFi Tethering. PIA app then connected desktop through WiFi hotspot app, and still, VPN connection is not really. and tethering might not work.Look at most relevant How to use foxfi with cricket phone websites out of 66.8 Thousand at MetricsKey.

How to Enable WiFi Tethering on Verizon LG G3 VS985

Tether Galaxy S4 & Note 3 without Root - WiFi - Wccftech

How to use foxfi with cricket phone websites - jrcharney

I do believe PDAnet will work, but FoxFi even says they have issues with Sprint phones.

On this phone when I got to use my Foxfire app it pulls up my phones mobile hotspot.

htc one x - Could not enable mobile hotspot function on

How to WiFi Tether AT&T Galaxy S4 SGH-i337

Yeah I tried it, it worked but it takes away your other security lock options such as pattern, fingerprint and swipe on Galaxy S5.They do have free trial versions, if you want to see if it works.

Has anyone with an S4 ON Kitkat tried using the app for wifi tethering.Just tried foxfi, could not get it to work on my sprint g3 Quick Reply Reply.

How to re-enable tethering in KitKat with T-Mobile - Pocketnow

FoxFi Update Brings WiFi Tethering Back to Verizon Samsung Phones on Kit Kat (Updated).I saw some posts on another forum that alerted me to a possible problem.My only concern is that when hotspot is enable the internet not work on my note 4 but the hotspot works.Wi-Fi Connection With Other Devices, As Long As. able to get hotspot working using Foxfi.That was a very frustrating few weeks until the fix was found.

T-Mobile yanked free tethering and hotspot. What to do

I still pay the exact same price, they just put a better plan in place as an added bonus.If you have a data plan on your phone but not a hotspot plan,.

Hey man did foxfi update to the 4.4.2 on the note two or are you still dealing with the pop up.This app is the only thing I miss from my galaxy nexus (Verizon) since moving to the moto x.

Alcatel OneTouch Fierce Hotspot Stops Working -

Attempting to change from a PIN code to another method caused the PIN to become corrupt twice.How to use foxfi with cricket phone found at, so I got the upgrade and set it up to use on my Galaxy S4 with Kitkat on Verizon.The only way to get them re-enable is to delete the certificate you make.

How to Use Your Android Phone as a Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot

So when I need to use FoxFi, I will have to do it all over again.

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I bought an unlocked Verizon Droid Ultra from Amazon and am using it with StraightTalk GSM service.Thanks for the response but I needed the wireless hotspot, not.Follow these steps to tether Galaxy S4, Note 3, and other Android devices without rooting them.Recently, from out of the blue, T-Mo doubled my High Speed data.

Enable Tethering on Verizon LG V10 - WiFi Tether, USB and

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