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Finally, Chiletso decided that he was left with no other option than to accept what he had read in the sms whose reality had been substantiated by her own words.Even at church, his fellow congregants were wondering at his sudden change in behaviour, but some of them who knew his situation understood him.

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One of the developments that compelled the international community to cut aid to Malawi was our decision to let Sudan president Hassan Omar.

Chiletso thought that it would have been better if the person to betray him was someone else, not his best friend.For many times, he had disapproved of the maxim that it is your best friend who is your greatest enemy but now his humble heart accepted it.

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Jay was no slouch when it came to telling his side of the story.

They truly are all blessings in disguise and while they sometimes bring us tears of sadness,.Had it been that she had never come to confirm it herself, he would have taken the sms for granted but her cold voice had mercilessly revealed everything in the twinkle of an eye.

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We packed up our things, drove 4 days to a place we had never been, with no job or home.It seems to me that something may not be acknowledged as a blessing in disguise for a...He had sacrificed his time to loving her but now there was this heart-breaking sms, and more painfully, her own betraying voice which was threatening to shatter his hopes of survival.

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Perhaps he should have avoided allowing Charles to be so close to Cathy.Finally, Chiletso decided that he was left with no other option than to accept what he had read in the sms whose reality had been substantiated by her own.

Is there any saying or idiom to describe the opposite of

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Gratitude Education Inspiration Education Gratitude Inspiration.

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I met a nice man at a local karaoke bar and we became the best of friends.

African literature often tends to portray different themes that are directly connected with the traditional beliefs of African communities.One of the most beautiful recreation recreation centres in Malawi: A must-visit for tourists.

As long as the photographs remained there the painful memories would be etched on his heart forever.

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An Angel in Disguise. What light and blessing did that sick and helpless child bring to the home of Joe Thompson,.

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During my last year of college, training to become a teacher,.


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