Computer Tips For Writers

Sure, everyone uses a computer to write now. Despite that, many writers remain technologically-challenged, knowing next to nothing about the technology that helps them get their work done. While you don’t need a technical diploma to be able to work your machine properly, it does pay to know a few basic things that can make your job easier.

Shopping for a Computer

When picking a machine to buy, always consider what you will be using it for.

    • If you need a computer for use in the home or office, a desktop might do.
  • If you need one that you can use on the road (many writers write during travel), then you’ll need a laptop. If your budget is a little tight and you don’t require running any heavy graphics programs (like Photoshop), even a netbook can fit the bill.

What software will you be using on it?

    • What platforms is the software available on? Remember, some applications run exclusively on one OS. If your software only works on Mac or Windows or Linux, you’ll have to know, so you can pick the right machine.
  • Most document editing, language tools and computer-based writing checkers can work on moderately-configured machines, so even an underpowered computer can do the job.

Using Software

What kinds of software do you need to keep your work machine in tip-top condition, apart from helping you perform your job well?

At the bare minimum, you need a document editor (free ones like Abi Word or Open Office will do).

Writing-centered applications, such as grammar checkers, a desktop thesaurus, script editors and more.