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This limit can be expanded on Cisco ASA 5505, ASA 5510, and ASA 5512-X models by applying a Security Plus license.Basic licensed features define the foundation of the Cisco ASA capabilities that are common to all installations and designs, such as the following.Mobile service providers commonly use this feature to secure their network infrastructure.Total VPN latest version: Free VPN Software for Security and Anonymity.

Use the show version or show activation-key command to display the complete list of licensed features and capacities of a particular Cisco ASA device along with the activation information.

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The base license comes with 10 IPsec VPN users and if you want more then you have to get the Security Plus license which gives you 15 more IPsec VPN users.ASA offers a very comprehensive feature set that helps secure networks of all shapes and sizes.

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Encryption-DES: This license enables the DES algorithm for VPN, Unified Communications Proxy, and management session encryption by default on all Cisco ASA platforms.This flexibility allows you to provision enough premium licenses according to the specific business needs while allowing plenty of room for future growth.

Some features, such as VPN Load Balancing, also require this license for proper operation.On the Cisco ASA 5580 platform, the Base License allows creating up to two application contexts, while several premium licenses of different tiered counts allow extending this limit up to 250 contexts in total.You can leverage advanced security features on top of the core Cisco ASA capabilities to achieve an additional level of protection or to enable more complex network designs.Yet another category of licensed features allows a particular advanced functionality for a limited number of users or sessions.Inside Hosts: This value defines the maximum number of unique IP addresses behind the trusted interfaces that can establish concurrent connections with endpoints behind the outside interface.

A: It adds a new network interface which you are working with as if you are working with direct internet connection.Cisco Smart Software Licensing lets you purchase and manage a pool of licenses centrally.

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Not all of the licensed features and capabilities are available on all hardware platforms.

The typical features in this category provide firewall virtualization capabilities, Unified Communications inspection with TLS proxy, and advanced VPN connectivity.Total VPN (cracked). hash 263680F2D1F1F42A41C9E98BF319FF42677D5B63, Download for free.

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VLAN Trunk Ports: This feature is applicable only to Cisco ASA 5505 appliances because they have the built-in Ethernet switch.Maximum Physical Interfaces: All Cisco ASA platforms always allow you to use all of the available physical interfaces, so this feature either shows the actual number of physical interfaces on the Cisco ASA 5505 or displays Unlimited on all other platforms.Other VPN Peers: This value defines the maximum number of concurrent IPsec site-to-site tunnels and IKEv1-based remote-access sessions that can terminate on a particular Cisco ASA platform.

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The following licensed features and capacities are not available on any No Payload Encryption hardware models.Some characteristics of the hardware platform or expansion modules can enable certain feature licenses implicitly.

The internet kill switch activates VPN disconnect protection.Limiting the number of protected connections and inside hosts.

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