Computing Tips For Small Entrepreneurs

Computing tips for small entrepreneurs have gained significance due to increasing dependence of the small businesses on computer technology. Entrepreneur is a French word, which refers to a person who is starting a new business for exploring new opportunities. In this world of information technology today information regarding the computers is a key factor to unfold the maximum strength of any business. Here are some Computing Tips for Small Entrepreneurs.

Networking the Computers:
Most important Computing Tip for Small Entrepreneurs is that they should make use of this technology for better coordination among the staff members. If you have many computers at your work place then make full use of networking technologies.

Networking is Not Very Difficult:
At the first sight, idea of connecting several computers through network looks frightening to the new entrepreneurs. However, this is not the case in reality. All it takes to create a network is some basic knowledge about computers and of course a little common sense. On the contrary, once you establish your network of computers, you will enjoy sharing files, scanners, printers and access to the Internet. Imagine all you employees and workstations connected with each other coordinating, communicating and collaborating at the click of a mouse. In fact, there are unlimited possibilities with computer networking.

Small Computers in Your Palm:
Another computing tip is that Personal Digital Assistants or PDA is a very useful tool for the small Entrepreneurs. By using PDA one can they can keep themselves abreast of every activity going on in their business institute. Moreover, organizing and managing business activities become easier. However, before you buy a new PDA make thorough research, as there are several options available in the market.

PDAs were initially designed to handhold devices those can keep contact information and personal calendars. However, the latest models of PDAs allow word processing, access to Internet and many other functions. Some models have the capability of performing almost all the function that you can perform on a desktop or laptop computer.

Websites Make you look professional:
Similarly, websites are also very effective tools for small entrepreneurs. There are several advantages of having a website of your organization. With the growing popularity of Internet, every one wants to make some research on Internet before buying any product or service. If he does not find the website of your organization then he may assume that you are not running your business in a professional manner. On the contrary, a well designed website puts you with the big names in your industry. In fact having a website is very much similar to having an outlet of your organization in the every corner of the world.

It’s Now All About Computing Business Profitability

Everyone would like to work from home. But traditionally it’s a lot of inventory shipped to your home, most of which you don’t need, and then they put you on “auto-reorder” every month so that you keep “qualified”. And then it’s hound your friends, who will soon no longer be your friends, and bring them to the “hotel meetings”. This is where up to 500 people congregate to “learn all about it”. Then it’s the speeches and testimonials and the products and finally the “tipping point” that make the products so “valid” in today’s world. Sound familiar? Well I hated it. I wanted the independence of a home based business, but as I soon discovered it was anything but “home based”, as I found myself delivering products to peoples homes, not to mention the living room gatherings…ugh.

So, what’s the alternative? In today’s world, especially in the last few years it’s all about web site management and marketing. That’s right, now with the internet you never have to hound your friends again. You get a domain site, and learn how to “drive traffic” to the site. Get involved with a company that does all of the selling and telling for you. That’s right today it’s all on videos and audio downloads that are all at your fingertips, not at the hotel.

Is there a learning curve? Sure, especially for the not so computer literate, like me. But if I can do it so can you. It’s all about computing business profitability. Getting the public to view your domain, which then gets them to view your business opportunity. Once there the seminars that you used to take people to the hotel for are all online and they are now called “webinars”. You can view them live online and get some serious gifts just for viewing. Or you can watch a pre-recorded one which also answers most of your questions and answers. With the live one of course you can ask your own questions directly to the president of the company.

What You Need To Know About Computer

It is crucial that you clean all parts, corners and surfaces of your house. There’s no such thing as over cleaning. Never underestimate the power of a clean house. It can influence the health of the family. When we clean, we always take care of the things that are visible and functional. For example, floors, counter-tops, toilets, carpets, etc. Sometimes, we ignore other things because we think they are harmless for example, mattresses, windows, PC’s, etc. We think that they are not too dusty because they are less exposed but that is where we are wrong. Every computer accumulates dust, grime and germs that we need to tackle.

When you think about computer cleaning, you have two options here – do it personally or hire somebody else to do it for you. Of course, it is time consuming and exhausting, but if you want someone else to do it, you simply need to look for a reliable company. In case you choose to clean everything on your own, bear in mind that it’s best to clean on a professional level. You need a few tips and the right tools to be successful. You can find many tips online or from housekeeping magazines. For the right tools, there are many available in stores near you. If you are settled, you should schedule the clean. You can ask for help from family members so that the tasks are easier and quicker to handle.

If they are quite hesitant, entice them by declaring rewards. If you are done with the bedroom, kitchen, living room and the bathroom, look back again and think about the things you might have missed. In your home office, you have to organize your files so that you do not waste your time looking for a specific document. If you have a computer, it is imperative that you clean it. You should know that the keyboard of your computer has millions of germs and bacteria. If you want a professional help, you can easily look for cleaning companies that cater personal computers and laptops. Do not worry because it will not cost you much.

This specific cleaning should be practiced and observed at all times because it can affect the performance of the computer. Keyboards should always be wiped with disinfecting wipes. Do not eat while you are working and if it can’t be helped, wash your hands and use utensils. Make sure you get rid of crumbs and other food particles so that you can stay clear of ants and other insects. Aside from keyboards, you have to wipe the monitor or screen and more importantly, you have to secure the CPU. Each computer has a fan that regulates the temperature. If there is any build-up of dust and dirt in one of the fans it can reduce the performance and to some point, it can destroy the system. It is best to consider professional help because you are dealing with specific technology.

Computer Tips If Your System is Running Low

In today’s modern technology, computer software requires enormous amounts of system resources and RAM. Microsoft Windows does its best to utilize what memory you already have installed, however, in many instances that is just not enough to properly operate many programs. Windows will use something which is called Virtual Memory, which basically is just some allotted space that the computer will use when you do not have enough memory (RAM). If you are multi-tasking you might actually end up encountering an error that will say “Your system is low on virtual memory”. This article will explain a bit about that, and give you some related computer tips on how to fix this error.

If you happen to noticed that your computer is running sluggish, it could be that your system is low on virtual memory, and you may have to increase it. To do this, you first need to know some information about your computer and operating system. Windows typically allocates a certain amount of this memory by calculating how much actual RAM you have. It will then create the page file to use with this calculation, it must also take into account how much memory the operating system will need, different versions of Windows use different amounts.

Another simple solution is to clean your hard drive up a bit as Windows will automatically try to use bits of it to create virtual RAM. Windows software can not actually differentiate between what is the actual RAM based memory and what is the Windows created “virtual memory”. If you have enough space on your main drive, then this could easily resolve the error. Before you change the settings via your control panel, you should run disk defragmentation. In the event that the virtual memory will be placed on your hard-drive, it will work more efficiently if the bits are contiguous and not fragmented all over.

Steps on how to change your virtual memory settings are as follows:

1. On your desktop right mouse click on “My Computer” the go to “properties”.

2. Click the “advanced” tab, and click the “settings” button in the performance section.

3. At “Performance Options” click “advanced” tab

4. Click the “change” button in the virtual memory section.

5. Select the option “system managed size”

6. Click on Apply or OK till back to desktop.

If these simple solutions do not work, another option which is quite effective and will get rid of the error message “your system is low on virtual memory” is to add more RAM to your computer system. These days RAM is quite inexpensive. Unfortunately, this is not always applicable because at times you already might be using the maximum amount of ram allowed on your motherboard.

Searching For Used Computers

You might need a computer right now and might be thinking used computers – tips when buying one. There are several reasons you would consider buying a used computer. Money might probably be your main reason. There are many sources where you can find used computers for sale.

You might be starting your school or business year. Either way you will need money for a lot of other reasons so you might want to save money buying a used computer.

You can see that in some cases you can actually save up to two thirds on a used computer compare to some of the new models available now. You are not the only one looking at used computers. Selling used computers is a big market. But you want to be careful. You do not want to make a mistake and then have to buy a new computer because the used one you thought would save you money failed on you.

So here are some tips. You want to stay with the major brand of computers when looking at the used ones out there. The better known the brand the easier you will be able to get replacement parts. And the computer might still have a warranty on it. You might be able to replace broken parts at no cost or a small cost if the warranty is still in effect. But you may have also heard about refurbished computers.

There are also computers that are refurbished models. These are computers rebuilt, usually by the brand manufacturer, with new components. The refurbished computer also might come with a limited warranty which is better than no warranty at all. This option might be more expensive than a used computer option but it is still less expensive than a new computer.

Ask the seller if the computer you are looking at is used or refurbished. Here are some practical items to consider. Make sure the computer boots up properly and all the software boots up quickly and correctly. Try out the mouse, especially on a laptop to see it is working properly. Check the monitor and the key board for correct typing.

Check the video, sound devices and graphics. They all should be in proper working order. You may be looking at a stolen computer and not know it. Make sure you get for your money all the related software documents and licenses to the computer. You want to buy from someone who will agree to you having the computer for a few days to make sure it is running smoothly.

Take the computer home and use it. Examine it for any problems. You can even take it to a friend who knows about computers and let him look at it for you. Remember used computers are good buys only if it does for you what you bought it for. If you have to replace it because it does not function correctly you can be out money and time.

Tips For Parents About Computer

Computer use for children is as commonplace today as working on the farm was in the past. That is why parents need to know how to help their children use computers in the proper way as well as to protect them from any negatives that can easily be found in the virtual world. When today’s children reach adulthood, many if not most of them will work with computers in their jobs. Most schools provide access to computers but, understandably, many parents feel that a computer at home will be of educational value to their child.

Proper Supervision is the Key

The key parental responsibility regarding computers and children is supervision. Keep a close eye on your child’s computer use. One way to do this is to limit their access to it. If you haven’t already invested in a computer, before you do, decide how it will be used, for what and when, and make sure your child understands these ‘rules of use’. Start your child on software that is ‘beneficial’, such as educational software. Most of these are now sufficiently game-like to grab the attention of the uninitiated for hours. Or, at first, you could insist that the computer only be used for school projects.

Once children have been exposed to ‘real’ games, they are less interested in other types of software, and you’ll probably be fighting a losing battle if you try to insist that the computer is only to be used for educational purposes. The best way to manage this is to limit access time and, as always, supervision is the key.

When you’re buying a new computer, ask the hardware provider not to load games onto the hard drive. If games are offered as part of the purchase package, ask for the discs to be supplied separately. In this way, you have more control over what games your child can play.

Computer games do have their uses. They are a powerful source of behavioral modification and can be used as incentives or rewards. However, they have this power only if the child doesn’t have free access to them at all times. By keeping the discs safely out of reach, you retain command.

Delete any ‘adult’ or violent games from your hard drive, even if you don’t possess the disc for it and will lose it forever. Of course, your child may have access to unsuitable games at friends’ homes. If you know that computer games are on the agenda during a visit, a quiet chat with the parents usually helps.

When supervised, computer games have their share of benefits. They can act as a tutor. Word processing or a fun typing program sometimes helps even the most unmotivated with pencil and paper to become productive on screen. As well, computer games can help the disorganized to plan. Hand-eye coordination and speed of reflexes can be honed. High-quality graphics can incite creativity.

So the news isn’t all bad. Some experts believe that playing computer games excessively is unlikely to do most children harm, any more than playing other games. Parents should retain control, becoming more flexible over time as a child shows he or she can make good choices whether you’re around or not. The best 3 tips for parents about computer use for children is to supervise, supervise, supervise!

Use This Simple Computer Tip

Here is a simple thing to learn but is a big time saver you really need to know about when using the Internet. I see many rookie, and even experienced computer users making this blunder (and remember, I’m not being critical; it’s not your fault if you’re making this computer mistake) Don’t use a search engine like Google or Bing to search for web pages or web sites if you already know the address! Search engines are like phone books. When do you use a phone book? You use it to look up a number if you don’t know it, right? You don’t use a phone book when you already know the number, because that would be a waste of time and wouldn’t make sense, right? But that’s exactly the mistake I’ve seen people making again and again over the many years I’ve helped people with their computers. So for example, in my computer newsletter I may send out a link to a lesson on my site. Now normally you should be able to click on, but sometimes email programs will “break” the link so clicking it doesn’t work. So what some people do is they try typing the address of the link into a search engine, and end up not being able to find the page!

That’s because the page in the example is for my subscribers only, and so is an “unlisted number” (so to speak) which isn’t listed in Google or any other search engines, just like an unlisted number isn’t found in the phone book. Make sense? So how do you “directly dial the number” of a web page you know? Simple. In your web browser window (a web browser is the program you use to look at web pages, such as Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer) at the top of the window you should normally see a bar with the address of the website you are currently viewing.

So if you are on Amazon you’d see

or if you’re using Google you’d see:

etc. In most cases you’d actually see something longer, but it will always begin with the “domain name” of the website.

That bar where you see the address of the site is called the location bar, or the address bar. All you need to do to go to a website you know the address of, whether it’s a public page a private page, is to click ONCE on the address you see in that bar and typically this will “highlight” that address. You can then either hit the delete or backspace key on your keyboard to clear it, or usually you can simply start typing and everything that is highlighted in blue will be replaced by what you’re typing. So if you wanted to go to Facebook, you could type:

into that address bar and press Enter or Return on your keyboard and it would take you directly there.

You could also just type

and that would work too because the first part is almost always optional.

This is much better than *searching* for an address, finding it in the search results (or maybe not even finding it at all). Then clicking the link in the search results to get there, when you could just dial direct. Even if it’s a public page that is listed, at the very least you’ve wasted time and effort searching for something you don’t need to search for, because you already know where it is. Again, this is like using a phone book to look up a number you already know — and if it’s a private, unlisted web page, like the ones I share with my newsletter, it won’t even turn up. Personally, the only time I type the address of a website into a search engine and search for it is when I’m trying to learn more *about* the site, rather than searching to get there. So learn this basic computer tip:

If you know an address, just type it into the address bar at the top of your web browser window and press the enter key on your keyboard. Do not search for it as you are at best wasting time and effort, and at worst will not get where you’re trying to go. I hope that helps.

Worth Godwin is a computer coach with over 15 years’ experience helping computer users of all levels, and has also worked for many years “in the trenches” as a hardware and software tech, solving real-world computer problems.

Worth has also been studying the human mind, and how people learn, since the early 1990s. He draws upon all of this experience, as well as his English and writing degrees, to teach people in a unique way with explanations that really make sense.

Essential Computer Tips

I would like to share some useful computer tips and tricks

How to Lock Personal Computer with Just Single Click?

Instead of pressing “CTRL+ALT+DEL” or “Windows + L” keys to Lock Down your computer you can create an icon on your Computer desktop, with the help of this icon you can lock down your computer in single click. To create the icon:

1- Right click on free space of desktop then hover your cursor on NEW and then select SHORTCUT

2- A window/Dialogue Box named: Create Shortcut will appear on your computer screen

3- Now type given phrase in the blank space of dialogue box

Rundll 32 user32 dll, Lock Work Station And Press Next.

4- As soon as you will press Next Button, a new window will appear and here you will see “Type a name for this shortcut”. Here you can have a name for this short-cut of your choice, I.e. Lock Computer or Log off etc.

5- Now press Finish and you will have a Short-cut icon on your desktop.

How to see your most important file on top of the other files in Windows Explorer?

If you want to see your most important file in any folder or Windows Explorer on top of the other files, so that it will be convenient and time saving for you. For that you just need to follow a simple trick:

1 – Go to the folder where you want your file should be top of the other files

2 – Right click any free space in folder and arrange these files “Sort by Type”

3 – Now click on any file of your choice then press F2 to rename the file and at the start of the name of file insert an Underscore ” _” I.e. New Document.docx to _New Document.docx.

How to Shut Down Computer Friskily?

When you shut down your computer or laptop, many programs remain in Running Process and they are not completely closed. That’s why Computers and Laptop take too much time to shut down. To resolve this problem I am going to share a very useful tip with you.

1- Open Notepad

2- Write these three words “Shutdown inn text” in notepad and save it as Shutdown.reg

3- Now go to the location where you have saved this file and double click on this file.

4- Import the file

(Your computer will shut down faster than before)

How to Create a File or Folder without any Name?

1- First of all select the file or folder which you want to remove its name.

2- Press F2, then Press and Hold ALT Key and then press 0160. Press Enter

3- Your file or folder will now be un-named..

How to clean program files with Run menu?

When you write any command in Run menu, few of past commands remain save in Run Menu drop down list. Furthermore the lists of programs which are currently running also remain in Run Menu. If you want to remove these lists from Run Menu then use this small yet powerful tip.

Open Run and type “REGEDIT”

In Registry Editor select this Registry Key “HKEY_CURRENT_USER” from left side panel.

Now go to “Software > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion > Explorer > RUN MRU”

In RUN MRU Folder every last used information are saved. After clicking on RUN MRU folder there will be shown some values on right hand side window. Except “Default” file delete every file from this folder.

In this step restart your computer, now when you will see your RUN Menu drop down list, it will be emptied.

How to hide shared folders from Network?

To hide shared folders from your network location, simply add a “$” sign in the end of every folder name. By doing this your shared folders will be hidden from all users. Except those who know the correct location of that folder.

How to change the ownership of Windows?

If in case while installing fresh windows on your system, you have unconsciously entered some wrong information regarding ownership, you do not need to worry about it. Because you can alter these information anytime, you just need to have a bit knowledge about Windows Registry.

Go to Registry Editor “Run > Regedit” and search the Registry Key.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Software > Microsoft >WindowsNT > Current > Version

From right side panel find a file named “Owner” double click this file and change the values as per your need.

Close the registry editor and restart your computer. Done

How to find properties of any file or folder quickly?

If you want to know the properties of any file or folder quickly then select the file and press “ALT + Enter”, the properties will rapidly be shown. It’s a better and quick to get property information then the mouse.

Computer Tips From My Journal

As I mentioned before, I have a little notebook that I keep a record of the computer tips that work for me and how I solved my computer problems. Here is a random list of some of the recent entries:

  1. To add a Youtube video to a Blogger blog, copy and paste the embed code associated with the video.
  2. Buy a child’s mouse for both children and older people. The mouse is bigger and a little easier to maneuver.
  3. If you write a blog, keep a journal or spreadsheet of both the titles you’ve written about and any that you plan to do.
  4. If you add a video to WordPress and it doesn’t show up, you may need to click ‘publish’ first.
  5. To add audio to WordPress with the audio plugin, you have to be in Visual Mode, not HTML. You also need to save it first. If the audio still won’t work, try a different theme.
  6. If you have too many files on your computer, try organizing them into topic related folders. If you are doing a special project, all of the files related to that project should be kept together in one folder.
  7. If you set up a template in Open Office, you can write your manuscript or report and with one click, turn it into a PDF file.
  8. Taking a family trip? Print off all of the possible places to visit and plan your itinerary before you go.
  9. Keep up with friends and family in other countries by using the chat feature in Facebook. Agree on a time and have a live conversation rather than posting an update.
  10. Family member can’t make it to your special event?  Take a group shot and then use photo editing software to add them to the picture.
  11. My photos only showed as icons and since they weren’t all labeled, it was pretty hard to find what I wanted. To fix that, I had to go into my Pictures folder, click ‘Tools’, then ‘Folder Options’ and make sure the box beside “always show icons, never thumbnails” isn’t checked off. You want to see your thumbnails and I always did before. Not sure why my picture view suddenly changed.
  12. When sending the same email to a group, you can create a group in Outlook Express. But if the ‘Create Contact Group’ option doesn’t show up on your contacts page, this is what you do: After opening the contacts list, right click on the open space on the top right side and select ‘customize this folder’. Then choose ‘Contacts’ from the drop down and click ‘okay’.
  13. If you have trouble playing MP4 videos, right click and try again with the Windows Media Player instead.

Computer Tips

Computers are meant to do a number of functions but the most important is that the computer enables you to perform these functions quicker than manual methods. To ensure your computer is more productive and you have a great time doing your work, here are some computer tips that are time saving and will protect your computer form online threats.

Online safety tips
If you don not want your computer to be the next target of an online spyware or viruses, here are some tips that will save you. First, use good anti-virus software that ensures pop-ups and threats to be detected and you can exit from the webpage that shows a threat. Next, regularly remove the spyware and adware that invades you computer. A good firewall prevents internet programs that you do not want to open form accessing your computer. Also, keep a regular track for viruses and get them removed at regular intervals.

Maintenance tips
Like any other machine to function properly and stay in good running condition, computers require regular maintained. This maintenance means cleaning out of unnecessary and full hard drive, removing of viruses, spyware and adware and cleaning the registry system which controls the main functioning of your computer. The PC utilities software available for download can perform this function, but it’s recommended that you first get informed thoroughly and observe how it’s done before attempting installation and setting op on your own.

Program tips
It’s always advisable to learn about the new program before installing them. Most computer programs alter the operation of your computer and after that have happened; it cannot be restored to the original even after deleting the program. Another tip is to avail of the demo offers on many computer games and programs available on the web like shareware and freeware before actually purchasing them. In this way you get to view the program utilities before purchasing or downloading.

Short cut tips
Some computer tips help you enhance these functions by reducing time consumed on them. Use keys instead of the mouse like the ALT+TAB to view the programs on your computer. An icon is displayed for each program with its description. CTRL+N open up another separate browser which carries the same web address. CTRL+P takes you to the print and CTRL+W closes the window which you are presently viewing. All these functions can be done in a wink from your keyboard without the use of a mouse.