Computer Tips For Writers

Sure, everyone uses a computer to write now. Despite that, many writers remain technologically-challenged, knowing next to nothing about the technology that helps them get their work done. While you don’t need a technical diploma to be able to work your machine properly, it does pay to know a few basic things that can make your job easier.

Shopping for a Computer

When picking a machine to buy, always consider what you will be using it for.

    • If you need a computer for use in the home or office, a desktop might do.
  • If you need one that you can use on the road (many writers write during travel), then you’ll need a laptop. If your budget is a little tight and you don’t require running any heavy graphics programs (like Photoshop), even a netbook can fit the bill.

What software will you be using on it?

    • What platforms is the software available on? Remember, some applications run exclusively on one OS. If your software only works on Mac or Windows or Linux, you’ll have to know, so you can

Buy a Laptop Computer Tips & Guide

There are several important aspects to think about when you buy a laptop computer. One aspect of this is the laptop battery life. Lithium batteries and use it until almost dead and then recharging it will greatly increase the period of time that the battery will remain strong. Please make sure to read the factory owners manual to find out more about the battery life. Users must take an overview of the comparison chart for the battery of the brands and models. On average with the support of data backup batter at least 2 hours is considered good. Make sure that you have an extra battery slot.

PC laptop computer has become the preference of almost all user segments. This actually replace desktops in terms of personal use. Fundamental of laptop computers is to provide a mobile experience to users because of light and slim models. But it lacked a graphical interface, but the development of modern graphics cards provide a wonderful replacement to fix the problem. The quality depends on the size of the display screen, video processor and resolutions related resolutions of power. Wide-screen display is considered


Computer Tips For Newbies

So you’ve got your first computer. Great! This new machine will open up a world of communication, shopping, entertainment and exploration like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Computers have become a part of everyday life, and now that you have one, you’ll quickly find it to be indispensable.

The thing though, is that computers are complex machines that require regular maintenance in order to keep working at their best. Just as your car needs oil changes and regular tune-ups, your computer needs to be checked and cleaned regularly. So let’s cover some of the basics of computer cleaning and maintenance.

Cleaning the external portions and internal hardware of your computer may be daunting at first, but it’s actually quite simple. The best place to start is with your monitor. If you have an old-fashioned CRT monitor (the sort that look like a television set) then you can clean the front with a standard glass cleaner and a paper towel. If you have a flatscreen monitor, there are various anti-dust cloths you can use to clean it. The keyboard and internal

Computer Tips For Amateurs

Many people often try to find affordable solutions to poor performance computers. If the trouble is because of the hardware, then it has to be replaced. If something is bad with the software, then there is no need to find affordable solutions. The only solutions available are free of cost. Is your computer slow too? If you are sure that there is nothing wrong with your hardware and are seeking what could possible be wrong, then I suggest you read on.

It is true that in many cases, even if software is corrupt, professional help has to be taken and is the only way out. However, most of the cases demand attention only from the user side and along with that few clear concepts about file storage and access methods of computers. There are not many people who do not know what viruses are. Alright, not every person knows exactly what they are and how they are introduced in a computer system but still their attack can be known easily. Maybe the reason for this is because everyone installs an anti-virus program to help protect their computers. These tools can be efficient, no doubts, but are they

Newbie Computer Tips-or Why Didn’t Someone

So, you’re new to computers and you feel like you’re back in kindergarten … well, in a way, you are! Computers are new and very foreign to you right now if you’ve just recently sat down in front of one!

Just remember, because it’s so new you must approach it differently, just like you did in kindergarten! I don’t care if you’re 8 or 88, you need to recall the wonder, joy and excitement that you felt when you first started to learn something new!

Have fun with it! Explore … ask yourself, what does this do? Click on it … check it out! Above all … don’t be afraid of it … it won’t bite and it certainly doesn’t know more than you do … it just seems that way sometimes because it does things faster – that’s all.

Here’s a couple of tips for you to ‘give you a push’:

Look at your mouse and notice that it has 2 buttons and usually a wheel in between … use the Right button … Right-click on everything! Clicking on the Right mouse button will do one thing only … to show a context menu

Is Your Slow Computer Driving You Crazy

Dealing with slow computers can turn out to be a painful and frustrating task. However, you can manage it just fine if you know how to go about fixing things up. For starters, try and understand some basic slow computer fix tips, which help you in cases when your computer gets hung up in the middle of some important work.

Registry is one of the most important things that need to be sorted for a slow computer fix. Many people tend to neglect this, but the fact is that most of the blue screens and other errors that come up on your computer are because of a faulty registry program. Thus, it is really important to get a proper registry scan done. Also, you need to ensure that your computer has a good anti-virus program.

A good anti-virus program not only helps to heal the viruses that have already attacked your computer, by it also helps you to know about potential dangers from any website that you are browsing, or any application that you are about to run, or any file that you are about to download or open. Viruses can cause computers to slow down,

Computer Tips For Trouble Free Computing

Many computer users take for granted that their Desktop or Laptop PC will continue serving them day in and day out without fail. People rely on their computers more and more as a form of communication both with friends and family and as a link to the outside world, via the internet.

There’s an underlying attitude amongst some more casual users, which can be deemed a disregard for the machine itself. Most want it to ‘just work’ or ‘do what it’s supposed to’. If you compare the use of a computer with that of a car, there are some quite stark similarities. Both need regular non-professional simple maintenance to keep them running smoothly. With a car it’s things like checking the water, oil, tires and lights regularly and with a computer it’s things such as regular backup of important files, cleaning of temporary files and defragmentation of the hard disk.

So how do everyday folk take care of these tasks without too much fuss?

1. The option which I recommend more than any other these days is a very handy disk cleanup tool called Ccleaner. This utility makes it easy to clean the temporary files

Speed Up the Computer

My computer is running more and more slowly. Because it has a poor performance, this causes my PC to work ineffectively. How to speed up my computer? In order to avoid this disgusting trouble, I am thinking about if I need to buy a new PC to instead of the slow one. But, it is so expensive for me now. Fortunately I can find some helpful tips which can effectively speed up my computer without buying a new computer.

1.Remove obsolete temporary files can speed up your computer

These files can eat up the precious on your hard disk over time and make your computer run slowly. In order to speed up your computer, you can download and install Registry Easy. Then, click “Scan Now”, it can enable you to safely remove Temporary files without deleting any data needed by your computer.

2. Clean out your registry can speed up you computer

Every time you uninstall a program, there are some leftover files on your computer, for instance, its entries, settings, configuration etc were still left over in the Windows registry. Unfortunately the computer users don’t realize that Windows operating system will still read

Computer Tips

Computer errors are very common and every computer user may face different kinds of issues so they should learn about the solutions of the common computer related problems. The common factors that cause problems in computer are viruses, spyware, Trojan horses, adware, corrupted registry, faulty hardware, low memory, low capacity hard disk, low CPU speed and stuffing computers with large number of software applications. In this article, I have compiled a list of the most common computer problems and their solutions.

Computer is very slow

This is very common issue and it arises due to the several factors such as too many programs running at the startup, low RAM, low processor speed, spyware running as a background application, errors in the Windows registry and the buildup of the garbage files on the hard disk. Scanning your computer with an up-to-dated anti virus and anti spyware program, cleaning and repairing Windows registry, increasing memory, deleting temporary files, deselecting the programs at startup and uninstalling unwanted software applications can solve this problem to a very large extent.

Network Server is not accessible

In a networked environment every computer depends on the server for logon authentication, files

Basic FAQs About Computer Hacking

Computer hacking and identity theft works side by side nowadays. The accessibility and flexibility of the internet has allowed computer hackers to access varied personal data online which are then sold to identity thieves. This has been an on-going business that profits both the hacker and the identity thief at the expense of the victim.

Who are more prone to computer hacking?

The computer systems of small business are the most vulnerable to identity theft. These small business typically do not have large-scale security systems that can protect their database and client information. Computer hackers can easily access customer credit card information and employee payroll files as these data are typically unguarded. Often, these small businesses do not have access logs which keeps track of the date, time and person who accessed there sensitive information. Without this, they will not be able to know if their database or payroll information have been stolen and if it was, these small businesses will have no idea at all.

How does computer hacking take place?

Hacking attacks can be performed in a couple of ways:

1. Hacking computer that have their firewalls disabled or not installed.

Computing Tips For Small Entrepreneurs

Computing tips for small entrepreneurs have gained significance due to increasing dependence of the small businesses on computer technology. Entrepreneur is a French word, which refers to a person who is starting a new business for exploring new opportunities. In this world of information technology today information regarding the computers is a key factor to unfold the maximum strength of any business. Here are some Computing Tips for Small Entrepreneurs.

Networking the Computers:
Most important Computing Tip for Small Entrepreneurs is that they should make use of this technology for better coordination among the staff members. If you have many computers at your work place then make full use of networking technologies.

Networking is Not Very Difficult:
At the first sight, idea of connecting several computers through network looks frightening to the new entrepreneurs. However, this is not the case in reality. All it takes to create a network is some basic knowledge about computers and of course a little common sense. On the contrary, once you establish your network of computers, you will enjoy sharing files, scanners, printers and access to the Internet. Imagine all you employees and workstations connected with each other coordinating, communicating

It’s Now All About Computing Business Profitability

Everyone would like to work from home. But traditionally it’s a lot of inventory shipped to your home, most of which you don’t need, and then they put you on “auto-reorder” every month so that you keep “qualified”. And then it’s hound your friends, who will soon no longer be your friends, and bring them to the “hotel meetings”. This is where up to 500 people congregate to “learn all about it”. Then it’s the speeches and testimonials and the products and finally the “tipping point” that make the products so “valid” in today’s world. Sound familiar? Well I hated it. I wanted the independence of a home based business, but as I soon discovered it was anything but “home based”, as I found myself delivering products to peoples homes, not to mention the living room gatherings…ugh.

So, what’s the alternative? In today’s world, especially in the last few years it’s all about web site management and marketing. That’s right, now with the internet you never have to hound your friends again. You get a domain site, and learn how to “drive traffic” to the site. Get involved with a company that does all of the selling

What You Need To Know About Computer

It is crucial that you clean all parts, corners and surfaces of your house. There’s no such thing as over cleaning. Never underestimate the power of a clean house. It can influence the health of the family. When we clean, we always take care of the things that are visible and functional. For example, floors, counter-tops, toilets, carpets, etc. Sometimes, we ignore other things because we think they are harmless for example, mattresses, windows, PC’s, etc. We think that they are not too dusty because they are less exposed but that is where we are wrong. Every computer accumulates dust, grime and germs that we need to tackle.

When you think about computer cleaning, you have two options here – do it personally or hire somebody else to do it for you. Of course, it is time consuming and exhausting, but if you want someone else to do it, you simply need to look for a reliable company. In case you choose to clean everything on your own, bear in mind that it’s best to clean on a professional level. You need a few tips and the right tools to be successful. You can find many tips

Computer Tips If Your System is Running Low

In today’s modern technology, computer software requires enormous amounts of system resources and RAM. Microsoft Windows does its best to utilize what memory you already have installed, however, in many instances that is just not enough to properly operate many programs. Windows will use something which is called Virtual Memory, which basically is just some allotted space that the computer will use when you do not have enough memory (RAM). If you are multi-tasking you might actually end up encountering an error that will say “Your system is low on virtual memory”. This article will explain a bit about that, and give you some related computer tips on how to fix this error.

If you happen to noticed that your computer is running sluggish, it could be that your system is low on virtual memory, and you may have to increase it. To do this, you first need to know some information about your computer and operating system. Windows typically allocates a certain amount of this memory by calculating how much actual RAM you have. It will then create the page file to use with this calculation, it must also take into account how much memory the

Searching For Used Computers

You might need a computer right now and might be thinking used computers – tips when buying one. There are several reasons you would consider buying a used computer. Money might probably be your main reason. There are many sources where you can find used computers for sale.

You might be starting your school or business year. Either way you will need money for a lot of other reasons so you might want to save money buying a used computer.

You can see that in some cases you can actually save up to two thirds on a used computer compare to some of the new models available now. You are not the only one looking at used computers. Selling used computers is a big market. But you want to be careful. You do not want to make a mistake and then have to buy a new computer because the used one you thought would save you money failed on you.

So here are some tips. You want to stay with the major brand of computers when looking at the used ones out there. The better known the brand the easier you will be able to

Tips For Parents About Computer

Computer use for children is as commonplace today as working on the farm was in the past. That is why parents need to know how to help their children use computers in the proper way as well as to protect them from any negatives that can easily be found in the virtual world. When today’s children reach adulthood, many if not most of them will work with computers in their jobs. Most schools provide access to computers but, understandably, many parents feel that a computer at home will be of educational value to their child.

Proper Supervision is the Key

The key parental responsibility regarding computers and children is supervision. Keep a close eye on your child’s computer use. One way to do this is to limit their access to it. If you haven’t already invested in a computer, before you do, decide how it will be used, for what and when, and make sure your child understands these ‘rules of use’. Start your child on software that is ‘beneficial’, such as educational software. Most of these are now sufficiently game-like to grab the attention of the uninitiated for hours. Or, at first, you could insist

Use This Simple Computer Tip

Here is a simple thing to learn but is a big time saver you really need to know about when using the Internet. I see many rookie, and even experienced computer users making this blunder (and remember, I’m not being critical; it’s not your fault if you’re making this computer mistake) Don’t use a search engine like Google or Bing to search for web pages or web sites if you already know the address! Search engines are like phone books. When do you use a phone book? You use it to look up a number if you don’t know it, right? You don’t use a phone book when you already know the number, because that would be a waste of time and wouldn’t make sense, right? But that’s exactly the mistake I’ve seen people making again and again over the many years I’ve helped people with their computers. So for example, in my computer newsletter I may send out a link to a lesson on my site. Now normally you should be able to click on, but sometimes email programs will “break” the link so clicking it doesn’t work. So what some people do is they try

Essential Computer Tips

I would like to share some useful computer tips and tricks

How to Lock Personal Computer with Just Single Click?

Instead of pressing “CTRL+ALT+DEL” or “Windows + L” keys to Lock Down your computer you can create an icon on your Computer desktop, with the help of this icon you can lock down your computer in single click. To create the icon:

1- Right click on free space of desktop then hover your cursor on NEW and then select SHORTCUT

2- A window/Dialogue Box named: Create Shortcut will appear on your computer screen

3- Now type given phrase in the blank space of dialogue box

Rundll 32 user32 dll, Lock Work Station And Press Next.

4- As soon as you will press Next Button, a new window will appear and here you will see “Type a name for this shortcut”. Here you can have a name for this short-cut of your choice, I.e. Lock Computer or Log off etc.

5- Now press Finish and you will have a Short-cut icon on your desktop.

How to see your most important file on top of the other files in Windows Explorer?

If you want to see

Computer Tips From My Journal

As I mentioned before, I have a little notebook that I keep a record of the computer tips that work for me and how I solved my computer problems. Here is a random list of some of the recent entries:

  1. To add a Youtube video to a Blogger blog, copy and paste the embed code associated with the video.
  2. Buy a child’s mouse for both children and older people. The mouse is bigger and a little easier to maneuver.
  3. If you write a blog, keep a journal or spreadsheet of both the titles you’ve written about and any that you plan to do.
  4. If you add a video to WordPress and it doesn’t show up, you may need to click ‘publish’ first.
  5. To add audio to WordPress with the audio plugin, you have to be in Visual Mode, not HTML. You also need to save it first. If the audio still won’t work, try a different theme.
  6. If you have too many files on your computer, try organizing them into topic related folders. If you are doing a special project, all of the files related to that project should be kept together in one folder.
  7. If you set up a template in Open

Computer Tips

Computers are meant to do a number of functions but the most important is that the computer enables you to perform these functions quicker than manual methods. To ensure your computer is more productive and you have a great time doing your work, here are some computer tips that are time saving and will protect your computer form online threats.

Online safety tips
If you don not want your computer to be the next target of an online spyware or viruses, here are some tips that will save you. First, use good anti-virus software that ensures pop-ups and threats to be detected and you can exit from the webpage that shows a threat. Next, regularly remove the spyware and adware that invades you computer. A good firewall prevents internet programs that you do not want to open form accessing your computer. Also, keep a regular track for viruses and get them removed at regular intervals.

Maintenance tips
Like any other machine to function properly and stay in good running condition, computers require regular maintained. This maintenance means cleaning out of unnecessary and full hard drive, removing of viruses, spyware and adware and cleaning the registry system